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Sixth Form College Testing:

UKGMAT is now a part of Principal selection at Rochdale SFC, Ashton SFC, Greenhead SFC, Franklin SFC, John Leggott SFC, Birkenhead SFC, Longley Park SFC and many others. Governors and staff appreciate the ability of UKGMAT to predict aptitudes for numerical and verbal reasoning in an educational context.

Success in the Academy Sector:

Many Academies have used UKGMAT in the selection of their Heads and Principals, including many of the leading Academy sponsor networks. Principals and Senior Leaders from  more than 500 academies across the country have been selected using the instrument, which has unparalleled UK Education Sector Norms.

Selecting Leaders :

The Governors of Free Schools and Studio Schools are increasingly finding UKGMAT is a useful adjunct to the recruitment process. Similarly, in many Multi-Academy Trusts such as the Greater Manchester Learning Trust, the Cranmer Learning Trust and Great Sankey MAT, the UKGMAT is also finding great utility.

Independent Schools:

Many Independent schools continue to use UGMAT for selection: Surbiton High School, Hull Collegiate School, William Hulme’s Grammar School, Lincoln Minster School, Sunderland High School, Arnold School, Merchant Taylors’ Schools - all Independent, HMC members and all using UKGMAT in senior recruitment.

Bede Academy used UKGMAT as part of the selection of their Senior Leadership Team

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Free schools, studio schools and MATs have opened across the whole of the UK over the last 12 months, and we are delighted to report that UKGMAT has been useful in this sector, just as it has been a leading selection tool in many hundreds of Academies (and CTCs before that!). UKGMAT is used in selecting CEOs, Executive Principals, Principals, Deputies and Assistants.

In healthcare, UKGMAT has been used in a major assessment and development activity to help understand potential within one of the UK’s largest Independent Hospitals Groups.

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